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Spa Services

Starting Prices


Brows.................. $23 & Up
Lips.................. $15 & Up
Chin.................. $15 & Up
Full-Face.................. $50 & Up
Half Leg.................. $52 & Up
Full Leg.................. $72 & Up
Forearm.................. $30 & Up
Full Arm.................. $45 & Up
Under arm.................. $32 & Up
Back.................. $55 & Up
Chest.................. $55 & Up
Bikini.................. $60 & Up
Las Vegas Strip........... $70 & Up
Brazilian.................. $80 & Up

*any client on skin medication must have a consultation before appointment


Basic European Facial - $80

(60 Minuutes) This deep pore cleansing facial consists of exfoliation, steam & cleansing of clogged pores. Following this deep cleansing, your face, neck and de'collete' will be soothed & massaged. Finally the appropriate treatment mask will be applied. This treatment is beneficial for all skin types.

Refresher Facial - $60

(30 Minutes) This mini-facial is great for those on the go. Your skin will be cleansed, lightly exfoliated and masked to refine your pores. To conclude this treatment, a light moisturizer will be applied leaving you and your skin refreshed & glowing. 

Ageless Glow Facial - $95

(60 Minutes) This facial treatment renders your skin ultra luminous with a firmer, tighter and more youthfully defined appearance. This remarkable treatment is ideal for any skin type. Perfect instant repair boost when you want to look your absolute best. 

Rosacea Facial - $95

 This facial will soothe the skin, ease blotchiness and reduce redness. This treatment is recommended for all hypersensitive skin conditions, specifically couperose, rosacea, or acne rosacea. 

90 Minute Custom Facial - $140

 This facial is customized to your skins needs. Facial can include a thorough pore cleansing, exfoliation with steam, anti stress facial massage with upper body to relax and aid the lymphatic drainage. follow this by a hydro jelly mask according to your skin type, customized repairing treatment with a targeted moisturizer.

European Deep Cleansing - $95

(60 Minutes) This treatment starts with a deep pore cleansing utilizing the latest enzyme peeling with steam to melt away surface impurities. Light extractions are performed followed by an anti-stress massage and complementing mask, finishing with a power repair moisturizer. 

Back Facial - $80

(60 Minutes) The hard to reach back area needs cleansing & pampering too! This treatment includes exfoliation, deep pore cleansing & a treatment mask to refine the pores, followed with a moisturizer. 

Teen Facial - $85

(60 Minutes) Introduce your teen to facial treatments and proper skin care. Treat your teen's sensitive and sometimes problematic skin to a treatment that includes enzyme exfoliation, deep pore cleansing and the appropriate treatment mask to control oil & acne. 

Gentlemen's Facial - $90

(60 Minutes) This is customized for a gentleman;s skin need that may be irritated from shaving, everyday stress and the environment, Deep pore cleansing to exfoliate and minimize pores with light extractions followed by anti-stress massage. A nourishing mask and finishing with a soothing moisturizer to help with skin irritation from razor burn. 

Tropical Oasis Body Wrap - $130

 The tropical body wrap counteracts aging, evens skin-tone, tones the skin, smooths and refreshes your skin with mango and passionfruit.

Facial Specialty Add on Treatments

Hydro mask - $15 (rubber face peel that smooths texture, refines pores, and hydrates the skin)

High Frequency Treatment- $15 ( 15 minutes used in addition with a facial to help inflammation, dulling bacteria, and decreasing fine lines in the skin)

Icy Globe- $10 ( used in addition to a facial to help minimize inflammation/ puffiness, promotes circulation and aids in lymphatic drainage)

Massage Services

Relaxation Massage

Drift into tranquility while your stress & tension is melted away. This massage includes a variety of techniques thatwill have you feeling refreshed from head to toe. 

30 Minutes - $40

60 Minutes - $80

90 Minutes - $115

Deep-Tissue Massage

This very firm massage gets deep down into the muscles for a thorough, long-lasting effect. It is best for those who suffer from chronic pain or have an elevated tolerance for pressure and pain. 

60 Minutes - $86

90 Minutes - $124

120 minutes - $162

lymphatic Massage

This is massage focuses on swelling relief or illness that blocks your lymphatic system, to leave you feeling regenerated and good as new.

60 minutes - $92

90 minutes - $133

120 minutes - $174

Prenatal Massage

This massage is a great way to promote overall wellness and reduce stress. During the massage the expecting mother will be positioned on her side.  

60 Minutes - $86

90 Minutes - $124

120 minutes - $162

Hot-Stone Massage

Combines the therapeutic effects of massage with heated stones for the ultimate experience in relaxation. 

60 Minutes - $92

90 Minutes - $133

120 Minutes - $174

Sports/ Medicine Massage

This is massage focuses on targeting specific muscles in order to decrease inflammation, improve recovery, and extend overall range of motion/ flexibility.

60 minutes - $86

90 minutes - $124

120 minutes - $162

Specialty Treatments

Reflexology Massage 

15 minutes - $30

30 minutes - $50


Airbrush Makeup - $80 & Up

eyelash Cluster Extensions

Lash clusters are applied underneath your natural lashes that last 2 weeks. These extensions apply length and volume to your natural lash, while providing lightweight and comfortable wear.

Full set/ Refill - $65

Removal - $15



Spa Packages

Day of Indulgence - $384

  • European Deep Cleaning Facial

  • 30 Minute Relaxation Massage

  • Tropical Oasis Body Wrap 

  • Pedicure 

  • Manicure with Paraffin Dip

Men's Spa Package - $182

  • Refresher

  • 60 Minute Relaxation Massage 

  • Manicure

Taste of Paradise - $262

  • Basic European Facial

  • 60 Minute Relaxation Massage 

  • Pedicure 

  • Manicure

Body Revitalizer - $152

  • Refresher Facial

  • 30 Minute Relaxation Massage 

  • Shellac Manicure

These are starting prices and may vary per Specialist**

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