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All products sold at taveriner's is purchased directly from our salon reps. Our Products are professionally graded with no  tampering by a third party Institution. We stand by our products and all the benefits these products provide to restructure the hair strand in good health to achieve the over all outcome of our clients goals.


Monthly Product On Sale

10% off All Biolage Gift Sets

(Nov 1- Nov 31)

Hydro Source                                     

Professional formula infused
with aloe that builds in moisture back to the hair strand, in order to help heal over processed or breakage of the hair strand to become soft and shiny again.


Color Last                                     

Helps salon Colored
hair Stay Vibrant
up to 20 washes while keeping
the integrity of the hair in
a healthy form


A Curl Can Dream                                

Made to remove build up on the scalp while keep the integrity of the natural curl, while also adding moisture benefits that allows curls to stay hydrate and not create frizz when applied wet.


Volume Bloom                                      

Professional Lightweight formula that plumps and adds volume to naturally fine hair.


Product lines we offer

  • Bain De Terre

  • Its A 10

  • Matrix Biolage

  • Marocan Oil

  • Redken

  • Nioxin

  • Layrite

  • Crew American

  • Maria Nila

  • Amilia

  • Olaplex

  • Kenra

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